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Top Tips for Recovering from Dehydration after a Big Party

Top Tips for Recovering from Dehydration after a Big PartyPartying involves lots of indulgences characterized by a lot of alcohol consumption. Many exceed their limits as they happily party and others mixing up alcoholic drinks. All these results in a lot of hangover after the party and dehydration as a result of the excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol affects the functioning of body metabolism, including decreasing production of antidiuretic hormone; responsible for reabsorbing water. These results in the body losing a lot of water through the frequent urination. Excessive consumption of the alcohol may result in vomiting hence losing a considerable amount of water. At the end of the day, one is much dehydrated, which may adversely affect the body and brain as they require water for all its functions.

Rehydration tips to recover from alcohol dehydration

Recovery mostly involves rehydrating your body, using as much helpful fluids as possible to enable it function normally once again;

Drink a lot of water

Water is the best solution to replacing the much lost water during dehydration. It, however, needs other supplements to aid in fast replacement of the lost electrolytes; since we need not slow further any metabolism or weaken the body further. Approximately 12 glasses of water, these will help replace a considerable amount of liquid lost during dehydration. It is however, not safe to take that much water at a go, take intervals to take the water, say over a period of 12 hours. Too much consumption of the water may also result in water intoxication.

Note: Water purifying systems remove minerals and other harmful particles in hard water thus making it safer and more beneficial to drink. As such, drinking purified water is a lot more effective in treating dehydration.

Drink a sports drink

As one loses water, during dehydration, they lose a considerable amount of electrolytes alongside the water. Consumption of a sports drink will help replace the lost electrolytes. Electrolytes play different roles including maintaining water balance and transmitting nerve impulses while others e.g. potassium aids in muscles contractions and proper functioning of the heart. They are easily lost, but due to their important function in the body need to be fast replaced.

Drink ginger ale

In the cause of hydrating, one may feel nauseated; these may make one discouraged from continuing rehydration or slow you down considerably, however, the body really needs the fluids back fastest possible. Consumption of ginger ale will not only reduce nausea but also soothes your stomach alongside providing the body with the much needed fluids. For upset stomach, carbonation may be an alternative to ginger ale.

Take a rehydration solution designed for children

They usually contain a lot more electrolytes than the sports drinks. Children need the water and the electrolytes for their metabolism, much more than adults. Dehydration may severely affect the child as their body metabolisms aren’t as well adapted and functioning as that of adults, hence the much more electrolytes in their rehydrating solution.

These will fast replace the lost electrolytes making the body rehydrate much faster.

You may also consider taking fruits and vegetables that rehydrate your body, a considerable amount of water intake is derived from the foods we consume.

Preventing dehydration

Dehydration is an aftermath of partying and excessive alcohol consumption, but all these can be avoided beforehand, hence promoting a healthy body and proper functioning of body metabolism. Tips you could consider to avoid alcohol dehydration;

  • Drink water before you commence taking alcohol,
  • Take alcoholic beverages while alternating them with water, however avoid excessive consumption of water as it may result in water intoxication.
  • Take a glass of water after the evening of partying and alcohol consumption, these will help minimize chances of dehydration. Alternatively you could take an electrolyte solution. It serves the same or even better purpose than water (gives the fluid needed and electrolytes too).

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