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The Spin Master & His Early Life

Paul Mark Oakenfold made his world debut on the 30th of August 1963 though he did not make his musical career debut till the late 1970’s. Ever since his style, the trance and the way he has been lauded all over the world for popularizing dance music is for all to see. He claims his life to have begun in his small room where he used to be a bedroom DJ mixing up music from his favorite albums and creating some of his own in the process.

His cheekiness and love for music did not stop with that like many other budding artists but he went all out by faking passes and entering Studio 54’s Steve Rubell’s club and used the same tactics and interviewed Bob Marley, Bobby Womack and Maze in a New York club pretending to be a journalist for Melody Marker and New Musical Express. His musical career began with him playing in a wine bar where he met Trevor Fung. Oakenfold was an instant hit as he mixed and spun various popular albums to create a series of some amazing music that brought joy to those who were present there.

It did not take long for Oakenfold to realize that hip hop was the favorite music at that time in New York City and very soon he began working as an Artists and repertoire guy for Champion Records. He signed up Salt-n-Pepa, Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff during his tenure. Very soon he was making appearance for charity shows and became a British agent and a promoter for Run D.M.C and Beastie Boys. Later on he made appearances for The Project and worked on jazz and soul music in Streatham.

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Love the title – Spin Master, yes that he is. He has such a huge fan base and for me the best DJ in the music world.

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