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The Inspiration Behind The Inspiration

Staying inspired is one of the most difficult things in life. It is alright about staying inspired for a short time but to do so in a career which is as long as Oakie is something that we need to respect and admire. But how he does it all the time is something that we need to learn. Oakie feels that inspiration for him comes from everyday situations. He had mentioned cheekily in an interview that there is no pot or jar that he goes to get his inspiration.

Just like every common man there are days that Oakie doesn’t get inspired it seems! Which is amazing coming from someone like him. Oakie believes that inspiration isn’t rocket science, hence it is about getting involved in everyday things, being open and having a forward thinking will help to keep your inspiration levels intact. Over and above all, Oakie believes that doing things that you like the most helps you stay inspired no matter the duration of the career.

Doing what we love inspires us the most and it is just that Oakie is one of the blessed few who are able to make a career out if what he loves best. Also doing what you love helps you to add new ideas, innovate and make it all the more interesting for yourself and for those around you.

Oakie also says that there were times that he found it difficult and got stuck in what he was doing. During such times, he would simply stop everything that he is doing about it, will take his mind off it, take a few days break from it and then figure out how it can be done best.

The key thing here though is about taking time off and getting it done, not giving up! Though baffled by his confession to how he does it, it is true that his loyal followers will do the same with their life as well – taking inspiration from the inspiration himself!