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The Goa Mix And Its Journey

The Goa Mix has been Oakenfold’s greatest hits of all times and was originally broadcasted as an Essential Mix on BBC in 1994. This is a 2 hour ground breaking mix that later went on to become the all popular Goa Mix. It was Eddie Gordon who had given the working title to this track and eventually after its popularity and massive hit, the Goa Mix was voted by the listeners as the best Essential Mix ever to have played on BBC Radio and also bagged the Silver Award in the Specialist Music Program category award in 1997 at the Sony Radio Awards.

The Basic Idea of the Goa Mix

The basic idea behind Oakenfold’s Goa Mix is something that he had mentioned time and again. It all began with his love for films which is pretty evident that he moved from album mixes to Hollywood mixes where he has spun a few much to the amazement of those who love his works. Oakie wanted to combine film music to electronic music and trance music to create a beautiful mix and a score that sounds beautiful. He wanted to overlay the vocal parts of it, by creating samples and add additional production time to it making it an extension of what is already there.

He wanted to create a track that had the traditional opening of a set which is common to what all trance DJs do, but he had wanted to mix with the same with the original mix to create the mood and the setting for what is to follow after that. All this happened when he was originally working on a remix for U2, when they came up with a strong lead line. It was then that he wanted to take this music and make it more of a trance version without including the vocals. He invariably worked on it in the studio and invariably came up with the ‘Orange’ track, where the tempo was faster.

How He Went About It
Oakenfold confesses that it was a very difficult track in terms of selection and composition and it took a very long time, months for him to get prepare for the perfect track. He spent many months searching for the correct cult sound and the trance music that was prevalent and that time the perfect sounds and rhythm that made it a possibility.

He had dug deep in trying to find vocal samples that would work and undid the story that was he wanted the music to unfold to the listener. He did not want the story of the track to just be some music that listeners would listen to but something that will make them open their heart and connect.

The Master Stroke
He wanted it to reach out to listeners in such a way that they would be able to listen to the track on their headphones and go on a journey. All this thought process of Oakenfold was way back in 1994, at a time when musicians and music artists weren’t talking about taking people on a journey. This was the reason that the Goa Mix went on to become one of the best hits from the big man.