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Paul Oakenfold – An Inspiration To Budding DJs

Paul Oakenfold is a ‘once in a blue moon’ man. You don’t come across disc jockeys like him every day. He is an inspiration to all budding DJs and still continues to be an inspiration to all music lovers. The best thing about Oakie is his ability to deal with situations and remain focused at all times and achieving what he wants in the manner that he wants to achieve which makes him stand out from the rest of the bunch. He says that it is imperative to focus on oneself, on what one does instead of worrying about what others are up to all the time.

For budding DJs he advises that it is best to understand all the aspects of the game in order to come be a topper in this field. Learning is a key and those who fail to learn will never be up for it. It is imperative to keep learning all through the way. Knowledge is available in abundance and those who seek it will be rewarded just as he was. The best thing is not to settle for less. Not to be satisfied with what we have done or with what we have. This quest for knowledge and seeking a higher challenge will always help and the legend is a living example of that.

He gives a few tips which can be treated as the mantra to become a perfect and popular DJ.
· Know all aspects of the game
· Learn to produce music or collaborate with someone who already has – this will give you the platform that you so desire
· Have a social media in place and keep it active
· Conduct a radio show, no matter its shape and form, it could even be an online one, but ensure that it happens for you
· Have a platform where people can hear what you are doing and relate to that – this will help you in expressing yourself better
· It is imperative to have your own sound – this is what will turn the limelight and attention onto you

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Oakie is a rock star all the way. Its so ecstatic to know that he cares so much about budding DJs. I am sure that there are many who aspire to become disc jockeys after him. But the sad truth is that this too has become a dying art.

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