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Oakie’s Other Interests That Rock

Oakie, the popular DJ who rocks the world of clubs with his dance music is the face that one and all are familiar with. From popular city clubs to not so popular hangouts his music has reached nook and corners of the world. Just like all celebs Oakie too has a personal side that not many are aware of. To start with he is a fantastic French cuisine chef and a TV lover. He watches many programs on TV and his best channel, would you believe is the History Channel!

He loves the history about World Wars and had the patience to sit through the 12 hour footage of World War II which was telecasted on the History Channel. He is a keen follower of the history that Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill had brought on this world and is a keen follower and silent admirer about these personalities who rewrote history in their own unique style. He likes to talk about the trench warfare that was in practice during World War I.

One thought on “Oakie’s Other Interests That Rock


Never knew about this side of him! World War I??!! Really, I thought it would be something like racing cars, football and stuff. But never thought that he would be a history channel addict! Its quite a revelation this.

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