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Is Trance the best music to work out to?

With it’s fast tempo and upbeat melodies it’s easy to see why many people like to workout to trance music. Whether you are hitting the rowing machines or pumping some iron it can really set the pace and get you going.

My Intro to the scene

Ever since I was a young boy I have been into Trance and House music, the 90s was a true golden era for the trance genre in particular and movies like “It’s all gone Pete Tong” and “Kevin and Perry Go Large” just summed up the party scene in Ibiza at that time. Of course you also had the superstar DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren. They were pumping out tune after tune and it was a great time to be into the scene.

As I got older and the scene changed I become a little less interested in the newer stuff but there was still some good tracks being made by the likes of Above & Beyond and Arty to wet my appetite.

Combining trance with workouts

As I got older I become more into my fitness, I started going to the gym regularly and realised that trance and working out was a perfect combination. Some people like heavy metal or gangster rap when pumping iron but for me there is nothing more effective than trance to help you pick up the pace. Why do you think all these fitness dance classes like Zumba are picking up? The fast pace of the music really gets people in the mood and helps spur them on.

The music is characterised by a high BPM and upbeat melody which gets you working out fast and can put you in a good mood. For me trance music is like no other in that it is not only great to party and exercise to but also amazing to listen to at home on a quiet evening.

It’s this unique aspect that for me makes it the best genre, and like many people say. The modern day version of classical music.