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How It All Spanned Out For The Star Of Trance Music – Part II

Entry into Hollywood and launch of the Bunkka

Oakie’s entry into Hollywood came in the way of Swordfish in 1991 for which he produced the soundtrack. He also went on to release the mix album ‘A Voyage into Trance’. His electronic album and his best selling one at that, Bunkka came a year later. There were successful remixes that became massive hits – Elvis Presley’s ‘Rubberneckin’ and the ‘James Bond Theme’ are two names that topped those hits. Some of his songs made an entry into video games, television shows and assorted movies during this period.

Steady flow of Projects

From then on it was a one way ride for Oakie. There were compilations and mixes that reached the market one after the other that include some popular ones like the Perfecto Presents series and the Creamfields. He extended is support to Madonna during her Confessions tour and even released A Lively Mind which was nominated for the Grammy Awards. His compilations and remixes that include Britney Spears’ single Gimme More and the Greatest Hits and Remixes Vol. 1 were released in 2007.

His productions increased by the day and he became a busy man producing for television projects, film projects which invariably meant that he became a permanent resident in the United States and eventually did what celebs do – constructed his Las Vegas Residency at the Rain nightclub.

Never Mind the Bollocks

Oakie worked with Madonna on her greatest compilation the Celebration in 2009 and continued his work as a remixer and producer and worked with several artists and also on his own stuff. Never Mind the Bullocks… Here’s Paul Oakenfold was released in 2011.

Paul Oakenfold is one of a kind man that we do not get to see every day. His contributions to music are enormous and some hail him as the guru of Trance music. He was instrumental in bringing trance to the mainstream. His producing skills, DJ works and mixing creativity is second to none. His tendency to mix the old and the new to create a fusion of classics and contemporary is admirable. In short Paul Oakenfold’s life story is something that needs to be told to every music lover especially to upcoming DJs who are dreaming to make it big on this stage.