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How It All Spanned Out For The Star Of Trance Music – Part I

Early Life

Born on the 30th of August 1963 in London, Oakie began his life as a teenage bedroom mixer but then moved on to play groove and soul tracks with his friend and companion at local bars. He traveled to the US, spent time mixing, learning and working at various designations for record labels before moving back to the place of his origin, England in the early part of eighties.

Trance, House and Ibiza

Oakie found himself becoming an agent and club promoter who was representing artistes like Run D.M.C and Beastie Boys while continuing to DJ. It all began at a club in Ibiza for him where he introduced his Balearic Trance Sound. It was an instant hit that offered him opportunities to DJ in several clubs. This invariably turned his life for him and established him as one of the best DJs and music producer.

The Perfect(o) Records

Perfecto Records came into existence in a short while from that. Launching his own label enabled him to become the launching pad for several artists apart from it being a place where he produced and mixed some of the best music that is part of the Oakenfold history. His released music under the label names of Perfecto and Electra which both have become prominent names in dance music today.

International Success

Oakie was instrumental in bringing dance music into the mainstream, which was mainly due to the success he found while working for various artists in the United Kingdom. There were quite a handful of notable names and the most noteworthy of them all was the U2. This band then took him on tour and spent some quality time recording with the dance music act Grace.

Steps to Glory

Soon after the success of this tour, Oakie began performing as a DJ and went on to launch the Ministry of Sound, a nightclub in London. He even became a resident at the Cream, a nightclub at Liverpool. The Glastonbury festival in 1995 was another major turning point in Oakie’s career as he launched his dance collection the Perfecto Fluoro soon after it.

Diversified Genres

The Global Underground 004 Paul Oakenfold, Live in Oslo which was part of the Global Underground series that he compiled and mixed a variety of genres that put him on the pedestal with the best in the world of music. Some of the genres that he mixed were drum and bass, progressive trance, progressive house and Goa trance.

Relocating to the USA

Oakie was a DJ all the time even after his Global Underground series venture and continued to release more albums and mixes. While in his peak, Oakie relocated to the US in 1999 where soon after his arrival he went on a massive tour and spread his trance music far and wide.