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How Do DJs Keep on Top of Things When Touring Internationally

DJs are very popular not only in the club circuit but also in the international music scene. DJs are now playing in very large concert venues and treated as big celebrities in the same way that artists like John Legend, Ed Sheeran, or Ariana Grande are perceived. In the same vein, DJs also go on concert and club tours to different parts of the globe. The party scene is indeed alive and well no matter where you go, and in various countries, there will always be crowds that are ready to party and get their groove on.

For busy DJs, this is serious business. It’s not just a matter of playing whatever strikes your mood or fancy. There are certain crowds or audiences that you must cater to, and the music playlist must be altered and adjusted to suit these preferences. The thing is, when you’re on an international tour, you need to be extremely organised and be able to manage your time efficiently in order to pull it off.

Here are five tips and things which can help make each and every tour a successful one:

  1. A to-do list software. The best to do list software allows a DJ to organise not just his gigs, but also what he needs to do or prepare for each one. This software can be made to sync on multiple devices, like a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and even a smartwatch. This allows you to set alarms and notifications for all your activities and schedules.
  2. An updated list of to-dos. A great software will not be of good use to anyone if it isn’t updated with the latest entries. Here, tour dates and venues can be scheduled. You can also make notes of special items or requests that should be taken into consideration. For example, if you’re playing in a big corporate event, or a specific function, there might be some music that you need to prepare. Alternatively, some gigs require a separate playlist that has been customised for them. These need to be prepared well in advance.
  3. A great PA or executive assistant. You can’t do it all on your own. Get an executive assistant or a great personal aide who will help run things for you. We’re not even talking about just one person, it can be an entire team of efficient personnel who will make sure that everything is ironed out even before you get to the venue.
  4. Hair, makeup, attire, and props. It will also help to have people who will take care of what you will wear, the props or effects you need, and also make sure that you are well fed and hydrated during these shows. A concert tour or series can take its toll on your body, so you also have to be kind to it. Eat, drink, rest and sleep because you are responsible for setting the mood and tone for a series of parties that people have paid good money to see. Take vitamins and supplements too, for good measure.
  5. Don’t double book. Manage your expectations on yourself and on what you can do. Make sure you only book one gig a day even if you feel like you have the time and the skill to pull off the second one. There are certain things that can go wrong at a party or concert and if you double book, the other schedule might suffer considerably. This will affect your reputation and that of your promoter’s so stick to one. If you have spare time, walk around the city, take in the sights and get to know the people. That could be a refreshing break from the maddening crowd of party people.

DJs need time to breathe and relax as well, no matter how busy they can get. If you can find the time and the right people to dine with, visit a park, or lounge at a pool with for a few hours, you will find yourself well relaxed and rested. After all, you have all the gadgets and gizmos working to keep you on top of your schedule while you’re trying to unwind. The more well rested you are, the better your performance is during the actual show.

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