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An Insight Into The ‘Trance Mission’

Paul Oakenfold has insisted time and again about the need to mix the old and the new to create transitional music that will bring the old to the new generation of urban kids who love their clubbing time. Oakie had mentioned that the Trance Mission was all about that – mixing the English and the European classics and presenting it to this generation in the way that they like to hear it best – mixed and fast! This way the traditional music still survives only that it is being delivered in a new package that suits the younger generation best.

Mixing the Old and the New
A lot of DJs in the present era try doing the same, where they mix the old goodies with the latest on offer to bring out a whole new perspective to the classics. The redoing of the old ones with the latest sound productions and sharing them with the present generation so that even those DJs who had not thought about playing these the first time around when they were released, do so now, giving them a fresh take.

Music from Records
This has been very unusual with electronic music as they never cover records instead they just remix them. But here in Trance Mission, the original is taken and the interpretation of it is done which makes it very special for music lovers around the world. This also talks about the intricacies involved in this kind of music creation and why Paul Oakenfold is the best in the business – he does things that others don’t and treads on water that others don’t dare.

The entire process has been done by taking the music from the scratch and offering it a new direction by blending it with the sounds of today so that the listeners are able to relate to what is happening in the current trend. A classical lead line is redone to suit the trend. The entire process is extremely difficult and most of the original tracks were those with copyrights and hence lots of time went into seeking permission from the original recording company, the country and the people who made that music possible.

It is mind boggling to think that they had to wait for 3-4 months in the case of some records just to get permission. What is being delivered after so much of pain and efforts is being truly rewarded as listeners go crazy over what they hear from these mixes. Eventually this has come out as yet another feather in Oakie’s cap.