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About Me

Music has been my life – if there is one thing that I enjoy in life, that’s music, music and more music. I am a music fanatic. I not only listen to songs, but I enjoy creating my own. I do some mixing work and am a part time mixer at my local club. There are many inspirations for people and no prizes for guessing who is mine!

Paul Oakenfold, there isn’t a thing about this guy that I don’t admire. This blog is dedicated to the one person who I idiolise in my life. The journey isn’t a bad of roses exactly which I am fully aware of but nevertheless, one that I will enjoy and be content with. I share this blog with the world and all those who adore and admire the big guy.

I enjoyed every bit of bringing you information about what he did, does and will do, about his life, his journey, what he said, what he believes and idiolises and what he wants for the ones who follow his footsteps. In short, this is all about him and him alone.


Fred Walker