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Is Trance the best music to work out to?

With it’s fast tempo and upbeat melodies it’s easy to see why many people like to workout to trance music. Whether you are hitting the rowing machines or pumping some iron it can really set the pace and get you…

The Goa Mix And Its Journey

The Goa Mix has been Oakenfold’s greatest hits of all times and was originally broadcasted as an Essential Mix on BBC in 1994. This is a 2 hour ground breaking mix that later went on to become the all popular…

Paul Oakenfold

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How to become a top DJ like Paul Oakenfold

It might seem like reaching the heights of a top DJ like Paul Oakenfold is a dream just that little bit too far out of reach. But, there was a time when Oakenfold was a bedroom DJ just like you…

The Spin Master & His Early Life

Paul Mark Oakenfold made his world debut on the 30th of August 1963 though he did not make his musical career debut till the late 1970’s. Ever since his style, the trance and the way he has been lauded all…

Trance Music

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